Leaders Who Love What They Do

with Ann Collins

Nov. 27th 2020, S1 Episode 6

Pilar Orti, Founder of Virtual Not Distant

Working from home: staying connected and rethinking collaboration

In this very timely episode, Pilar Orti, an expert in how to transition teams to remote or distributed working, talks about the challenges and opportunities presented to us by the explosion of remote/home working due to COVID.   She shares her insight and advice on how we can best help team members to feel connected and engaged to each other and their organisation, think about collaboration in other ways rather than just back to back meetings on Zoom and offers her views on the future of remote working.  She challenges us to think creatively about the needs of individuals and the myriad of options that will be available to us for the future.  

About Pilar:

Pilar’s journey in leadership training and team development started at the beginning of the century. Having worked as a theatre practitioner and director of an independent theatre company, she discovered that many of the exercises used to build theatre ensembles were perfect for helping teams and managers reflect on their current practices and identify new ways of working together. Short academic and vocational courses, conversations with people in the field and reading many, many books gave her additional knowledge to the one she had gained first hand leading teams and cohorts. 

Pilar set up Virtual not Distant in 2016, in order to facilitate the journey for managers, teams and organisations towards “office optional”. She has worked with small teams helping them set up their online ecosystems, delivered training both online and off, and piloted new ways of working. 

Pilar is the host of the podcast “21st Century Work Life”, and co-host of “My Pocket Psych”. She is an Affiliate Member of the CIPD, a member of the International Association of Facilitators, and alumnus of London’s Imperial College. She is also the voice of pilot Xuli in the BBC’s GoJetters.  

To contact Pilar: http://www.virtualnotdistant.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pilarorti/
Twitter: @PilarOrti

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